CS GO mouse settings

Without a doubt one of the most important things to take care of in CS GO are the mouse settings. Many players start out bad, get better, but never reach their potential and waste alot of time thinking about the cause. Well, I think we are safe to say that if a natural ability is given but somehow not reached – there must be something wrong with the setup. This can be very frustrating, since aiming is one of the most essential areas in fps games.

  • Windows Sensitivity (6)
  • DPI (400-800)
  • CS GO Sensitivity (1-4)
  • Mouse acceleration (off)
  • A good mousepad / surface
  • Raw input (raw input 1)


CS GO Mouse Sensitivity and DPI

The majority of competitive cs go players tell you its self preference – in reality its much easier then that. Adjust your sensitivity to a low-medium value. Lets take cs go as example, the Windows sensitivity is at 6/11. At 400 DPI your in-game sensitivity should range from about 2.0 – 4.0 Now – smaller changes can be called preference, but fact is, that new players usually start at 6.0 up to 12.0 or even higher. Such a high value will cause inconsistencies and errors while moving your mouse. The muscle memory builds slower and will probably never get reach its potential. Playing with high sensitivity is like giving yourself a handicap. Now, if you use different DPI, or windows sensitivity settings and you are not sure how to get the same feeling on different DPI values, our DPI Calculator. Keep in mind, the lower your sensitivity goes, the bigger should your mousepad be. It is important to be able to move around freely without reaching the end of the mousepad. Like in the pic shown, especially the side movement can be large and therefore needs alot of space.



Mouse Acceleration CS GO

Most competitive and professional players do not like mouse acceleration. And they have a good reason not to. Mouse acceleration will speed up your mouse movement depending on how fast you move the mouse. So basically every swipe with your mouse is different. Its not a huge difference, but it is noticable and to make it even worse, some mice have more acceleration then others. But why so much drama about few pixel? Well, let me explain: muscle memory does great things, but the important word here is memory. So everytime you go on a map and play, your body learns how much mouse movement is needed to aim on a spot. Now, with mouse acceleration, the movement of your hand and arm would change all the time, therefore giving the player a harder time building up his muscle memory, which then leads to slower progress, or even stagnation.

There is actually a small percentage of players who do like acceleration, but its important to understand that it will take you longer to get better in aiming. The safest bett would be to get yourself a mouse with 0 default acceleration. Do not forget, Windows itself does have acceleration. You can turn it off in the mouse settings.

Best Mouse Lift off Distance for CS GO

The lift of distance is a value, to which the mouse sensor still has the capability to track your movements. Normally a low lift of distance is prefered. Some mice driver even allow you to adjust it. The ROCCAT KONE Pure Core Performance has this option and is at the same time a good example how it is done. (one of the best mouse I had so far. You can read more on our Best Gaming Mice Reviews site).
We will go more into detail about this topic on our “Best Mouse for Competitive List” site http://www.csgosetup.com/gaming-mouse/. If you can’t adjust it by software and you are not happy with it, not all hope is lost. If you own an optical sensor it can be reduced with the use of ducktape. You can find a tutorial here http://www.overclock.net/t/1211083/tape-trick-for-lower-liftoff-distance-lod-with-optical-mice.


Which Mouse Sensor for CS GO

Optical vs laser mouse – CS GO

Laser is new, but old is gold. Optical Sensors are still the best way to go. Laser is more surface sensitive and has overall more flaws in gaming. Even if they might sound superior on paper, in real life every experienced gamer can tell the difference. Here is a short informative Video on that matter:



Before we get to the point, i want to share a some experience i made on this topic. I lured you in with the title “surface” and now its gone? Yes, on porpuse, to draw your attention. I highly recommend you to buy a Mousepad and not play directly on the table – at least if you dont want to take your table with you to every offline tournament. People highly underestimated the impact of having to change your surface because you qualified for a big lan tournament. Now we have a problem, because all those hours you spend in training, while preparing for this one moment, you did it on a wrong surface, Oops! By the way, i did not take this issue serious aswell, until  it happend to my team mate. So if you plan on keeping that table, you better take it with you to lan. We learned that CS GO is al about consistency, well you can do everything right and at the and some stupid thing like this can cost you and your team a win. Dont worry, that little pocket money and your well deserved two hours of fame will come down the road some day.

TLDR; Get yourself a dark, big enough Mousepad with a consistent surface.


Thanks for reading, i hope you can take some new information with you. If you liked it, we are working on small but powerful reviews on gaming equipment for competitive players over at our Mice review site


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