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CS:GO Map Commands / Console

Admin and Server Console Commands

Down below you will find commands you can use for CS:GO on your server, or if you are an admin.

rcon_password Login as Admin
exec NAMEOFCONFIG.cfg Executes the configuration file
mp_buytime Sets the time a player can buy at the spawn (mp_buytime 0.5 = 50 seconds)
mp_autoteambalance Balances the teams out (1 is on, 0 off)

mp_c4timer Seconds it takes for the bomb to explode (in seconds)
mp_chattime Sets the time a message is seen in the chat
mp_fadetoblack Screen can be set black after a players death
mp_decals Graphic Details. 0 minimum, 2048 maximum
mp_freezetime Sets the time players are free to start walking when a round begins (in seconds)
mp_friendlyfire Sets Team damage on or off (1 or 0)
mp_hostagepenalty Sets how many hostage kills are allowed. (0, 1, 2..)
mp_limitteams Sets the allowed difference for the amount of players per team (0 means no limits)
mp_roundtime Sets the round time (1 = 1min, 2 = 2min…)
mp_maxrounds Sets rounds to be played (0 means no map change)
mp_flashlight Allow or disallow flash lights (1 on, 0 off)
mp_autokick If set to 1, inactive players are kicked

mp_friendly_grenade_damage If set to 1, team members take damage from grenades
mp_tkpunish If set to 1, teamkillers are given a penalty
mp_startmoney Sets the money at match start. Default is 800
sv_enablevoice If set to 1, Ingame Voice is activated. It can be deactivated with 0
sv_alltalk If set to 1, the opponent can hear the ingame voice chat
mp_restartgame Sets the time in which the map is restarted (in seconds)
sv_password Sets a server password
mp_playerid If set, the name can be read when aiming on the enemy
mp_forcecamera If set, the name can be read when aiming on the enemy
mp_gravity Sets the gravity rate
sv_cheats If set to 1 cheats can be used. for example GodMod = 1
noclip If set to 1 you are invulnerable and you can fly around the map
mp_allowspectators If set to 1 spectators are allowed
sv_pausable If set to 1 spectators are allowed
rcon say Write text messages by console
changelevel <Mapname> Changes the map. For example changelevel de_dust
map <Mapname> Changes the map and kicks all players on the server
mp_footsteps If set to 1 footsteps are on, if set to 0 footsteps are off
mp_winlimit Sets the rounds that must be reached for a team to win (0 means off)
sv_rcon_maxfailures Sets amount someone can enter the rcon password before he gets kicked