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net_graph 1

net_graph has been integrated in the engine since Half-Life. With this function in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you are able to display FPS or latency. To activate it, open the CS GO console and type in net_graph 1

What is shown on net_graph 1?


FPS means frames per second and it shows, how many frames you see per second, as you would guess. The bigger the number, the better. You can cap the max fps with fpx_max. Fps_max should be at 0, or at least a high enough number to match your screens refresh rate. If you have a 144hz screen, fps_max should at least be 145.


This information shows you how steady your fps are. For measurment the last 1000 frames are used. You can use fps_max to limit your fps, which will make “var” more constant.


The ping shows your average latency. The lower the better. If you encounter high ping, check if you, or someone on the same network is downloading, or maybe the server you are playing on is just far away.


Up shows how many data packets are requested by the server.


Cmd shows how many data packets are sent to the server.


Specifies the percentage of data that is requested by the player, which can not be processed. This means the players bandwidth limit is exceeded and the server is forced to skip data packets.


Shows the tickrate. It is either 64 or 128. A higher tickrate is better, but also consumes more performance.